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Atom Yard and the Better Shipping app for Shopify are official Shopify Partners.
Better Shipping is the best shipping app on Shopify and suitable for all types of Shopify businesses and stores.

200 million+ customers served

Better Shipping Mobile Shopify Checkout. Better Shipping for Shopify works on every device.

Take control

Better Shipping gives you unlimited flexibility over how your shipping rates are calculated.

Built specifically for Shopify, Better Shipping lets you easily set up and manage shipping rates and rules that better suit your customers and your store.

Tested and trusted at scale

With over 200 million shipping rates served, Better Shipping is an app that will grow with you. From startup to enterprise, we've got you covered.

Better Shipping for Shopify works with you and your business. Whether it is carrier shipping or local delivery Better Shipping is the best app on Shopify. From start up to enterprise, Better Shipping scales the app as your business grows

Better Shipping features

Per Product/Variant Shipping Rates

Set shipping rates that suit your business and shipping needs. Set individual shipping rates for each product or variant in your store.

Advanced Rule Control

Use shipping rules to combine shipping by product, variant, location and more. Make sure you are covered for every shipping scenario.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Set up free + shipping products or rates with discounts on orders of multiple products. Offer shipping discounts for customers who spend more.

Zip Code/Post Code Shipping Rates

Charge different prices for different areas using zip or post codes. Or restrict your shipping to specific areas only.

Percentage (%) Of Total Cart

Dynamically set your shipping rate to a percentage of the customers cart total.

Product Restrictions

Restrict certain products from shipping to specific zip codes, states or countries.

Multiple Dropshipping Vendors

Using the per product rates, each dropship vendor can have their own per product prices and combined to a single total at checkout.

Local Delivery Rates for Specific Products

Set up local areas for your whole store, or specific products using the zip code restriction and our advanced rules for shipping together.

Bulk Update Tool

Use the bulk update tool to update products by collection, vendor, or tag. Manage your product shipping with ease.

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